Are there places to see shows?

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  • PhishHead
    2+ weeks old

    Are there places to see shows? Are there a lot of places to see shows by Pace University (NYC Campus)? I am really big into shows and I want to make sure there are enough places to go by school. Can you please tell me what the names of some places are too? Thanks.

    • PaceYourself
      2+ weeks old

      Pace University actually has a theater called Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts, here you can see shows put on by students. I believe the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University also puts on shows from time to time. You could also try looking up off-broadway productions as well.

    • There aren't alot of shows in that area. In fact, It can be rather quiet in the evening due to the fact that the University is located in the financial district. With that said, a short subway will bring you to all the broadway shows and theaters. From Pace, you can visit almost anywhere in the city within minutes. Trust me, I'm an alumnus.