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  • NYUroom4rent
    2+ weeks old

    NYU housing - need to rent a room in my flat. Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this. I have a 2 bedroom close to NYU, I am trying to rent out 1 of the rooms to a respectable student willing to take on half of the utilities and rent. If this interests you, please drop me a line and we can see if we are compatible.

    • NYU Student
      2+ weeks old

      Very interested. I will be a sophomore at Stern and am looking to live near the school. What;s the best way to be in touch?

    • Ken Merritt
      2+ weeks old

      Hi My name is Ken and my son will be attending NYU Graduate school in the Fall. Can you send me info on your rental if it is still available. Thanks Ken kmerritt@jrengineering.com

    • The most effective place to place this kind of ad is on Craigslist

      Paul Wong
      Keller Williams NYC

      2+ weeks old

      Hi I am transferring to NYU in the Spring (January 20) I am currently looking for a place to stay, let me know if your place is still available thanks!

    • SnowLuwAya
      2+ weeks old

      Hi please email me details if this offer is still up! Im a current NYU student

    • shriti.pandey.9
      2+ weeks old

      Hi. I'm coming to NYU this fall. I need a room. Please inbox me details.
      I'm an indian.

    • james.choi.908
      2+ weeks old

      I will be in for the Fall 2013 semester. Please respond if you're still looking for a roommate.

    • vinca
      2+ weeks old

      hi .... i am accepted at nyu...i will be coming to nyc in mid may...please send me the details.thnx.

    • I'll be more than happy to help you get a good tenant/roommate, just give a call or write me an email.

    • Deborah
      2+ weeks old

      what is your address?

    • If you need help getting your palces rented out and someone to serve as a barrier of entry, you don't want just anyone, than I can be help to you. Also my company partners with an organization that offer housing to students in the New York Area so I may already have someone for your specific situation if still available.