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  • Throwing A FIT Getting to FIT
    2+ weeks old

    Getting to and from FIT campus. Hey Current Students, I will be starting up in the Fall, Wooooo go FIT! Anywayz, I am trying to figure out how to get to and from campus and what train stop is the best? My apartment is on the R line, so hopefully a station on the R line.

    • Hello,

      You can take the R line to 23rd/Broadway - It is close to FIT :) Are you coming from Queens or Brooklyn?

    • JoesNY
      2+ weeks old

      Well the 28th Street Station stop at Kheel Tower/Corner is right across the street. This is definitely your best bet. It's right on the R line. That area can get busy in the morning.

    • The N and R train runs on Broadway, you can take it to 28th St and walk over to 7th Ave & 27th St. That's the best way to get there from where you are.