Brooklyn College apartment situation?

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  • karmakarma
    2+ weeks old

    Brooklyn College apartment situation? Why is it so darn hard to find apartments in Brooklyn, especially around Brooklyn College? The closest thing I can find is near J street. Any students know of any off campus housing? Please share with me:)

    • brian willson
      13 days old

      I have small brand new studio apartment/dorm style room for rent very soon. I will be posting it on the BC housing website by next week.5 minutes to BC on east 35th st. let me know if you would be interested.

    • ResidenceHallatBrooklynCollege
      2+ weeks old

      Contact us 718.252.5000 Residence Hall

    • I have many condo rentals around Brooklyn College. Are you planning to roomate with fellow students.

    • I don't know any campus housing but do have many apartments in that area. Call me at 646-240-3709. Anytime.

    • Not a student of Brooklyn College but I can help you out with what you are looking for. There are many apartments available in that section of Brooklyn it all depends on what you are using to search, is it by yourself, are using a professional, craigslist only? Give me a shout and let me help you out.