What is the size of the school?

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  • FreshMAN
    2+ weeks old

    What is the size of the school? I am going to start attending Columbia in the fall and was just wondering what the size of the school was in terms of acres/miles?

    • LOL, HUGE!!!!!

      columbia occupies the entire upper west side. They own more real estate up there than the Catholic church! Depending on what you're studying Columbia has a grand campus on 116th Street @ BWAY. You find you're way around soon enough...

    • ColumbiaSchlumbia
      2+ weeks old

      Columbia's main campus is HUGE, like 6 or 7 blocks. I think I read it was close to 36 acres or so. Being a city dweller, I don't typically measure things in "acres". I take it you are from the country?

    • Congratulations! Columbia University is approximately 299 acres. If you need help finding an apartment, let me know.