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  • GPJ
    2+ weeks old

    Need to rent near Mt. Sinai, I am not familiar with NY and would prefer to be in walking distance of shops. I am looking for a 2 bedroom apt or studio.

    • 2+ weeks old

      Hey I can definately help you out with your apartment search . When is your ideal move in date and when would you be in town to view . You can give me a call or shoot me a text any time @ 1-917-881-9181.

    • Hi, GPJ.
      It looks like you have had some folks reach out to you. Hopefully you have the information you need. If not, feel free to contact me and I can assist with your apartment search.

      Donna Hollins | 646.644.7395 |
      Keller Williams NYC

    • 2+ weeks old

      Hi GPJ,

      What is the move date? Also what is the budget? You can reach me at 917.755.2527 or email:


    • Hello GPJ,
      In Manhattan you are in walking distance to everything! 85% of New Yorkers do not drive, so everything is local. Like around the corner, etc. As for the apts, you're interested in, a Studio will run you appx. $1400-1850 and a 2 BDRM will run you in that area anywhere from $2500-$3800. Hope this helps! Valerie