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  • Kenragh
    2+ weeks old

    I'm a student at College Of Southern Nevada. I just rented a two bedroom apartment on Casada Way way. I'm looking for a roommate for this upcoming school year. The rent will be $250 plus half of the electricity and cable bill. I'm a quiet girl who does enjoy to go out on the weekends. Let me know if you want to meet me and take a look at the apartment.

    • gino.thanajittharakij
      12 days old

      are you still looking for a roommate?

    • luz19
      2+ weeks old

      I am interested, I am going to be a student there too, and I am looking for a place to live.

    • keana.colleado.3
      2+ weeks old

      I'm interested! I currently go to CSN too. I am a young female, and I normally keep to myself. I'm not very loud and I don't do much but study and gym. Let me know if you'd like to meet.

    • gizmmo
      2+ weeks old

      I am transferring to CSN this summer and I'll be moving to Vegas on the 18th of this month. I am male and also a foreign national.

    • tonyjaa2576
      2+ weeks old

      how much in total

    • andrewdc91
      2+ weeks old

      I'm interested, I have to be out of my current apartment before June 1st