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  • gotaroomhere
    2+ weeks old

    Montclair State student looking for a roomie ASAP. The roommate I had lined up lived here for the first month of school and has since dropped out, leaving me high and dry. The apartment is off of Grove St. Rent would be split 50/50, same with utilities, which would bring the avg. contribution to around 450 a month.
    Please send your information and I will pick the best candidate.

    • rachel.hampton.10004
      2+ weeks old

      Hey ,

      I am a returning MSU film student, 23. I still looking for a place. send me a message if you are still looking to fill the room.


    • K.Frei
      2+ weeks old

      Hello! I am a transfer and am looking for a roommate and place to live. I am from Seattle and am super chill. If you're still looking for someone shoot me a message!

    • S.Ahm
      2+ weeks old

      Hi, I am a first year grad student and I am looking for a room starting in August and I would be renting until atleast June.

    • Diane Hsiung
      2+ weeks old

      Hi, I am currently a 3rd year student at the University of Virginia and I am looking for a sublease at Montclair University this summer for 2-3 months. I saw your listing and I am interested in subleasing this summer! We can also meet over Skype or something as well.

      Have a wonderful spring!

      Diane H.

    • ChrisA
      2+ weeks old

      Is this room rented yet? Montclair State student in need of place. Let me know. Thanks

    • ZColon
      2+ weeks old

      My name is Zachary Colon I'm a freshman. I have been commuting to Montclair from Woodbridge but its taking a toll on me. My commute is costing me $480 per month I rather spend that money on a room. Please let me know if we can meet I don't answer my phone when in school but you can reach my mom at 732 423 6061 or text her. Thank you!