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  • diesel
    2+ weeks old

    Looking for a one bedroom, furnished apartment for my son who is starting at Appalachian State in January. The apartment can be 5 - 10 miles from campus.

    • Terry Boloney
      2+ weeks old

      Hi there,

      I found only one rental that is currently available for that time:

      More may become available over the next few months, so I would recommend checking out this one, then continuing to check back on this site. If you click 'show advanced options', there is a 'furnished' modifier. Click that, adjust the Bedrooms slide bar to 0-1, and adjust the Range slide bar to your liking. The one I found above was the first I found, and it was in the 10 mile range. Feel free to send another message too, and we'll continue to help.

      Good luck!

      Terry Boloney