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  • ruzindana.nadine14436
    2+ weeks old


    I was wondering if your apartments were also available for international students, only staying one semester?



    • Carly Shene
      2+ weeks old

      Hello Nadine,

      Several complexes in the Missouri State University area rent short-term. If you search MSU, then adjust the Range slide bar to within city (if you choose), you can click on Show Advanced Options, and a modifier for Short Term will appear that you can check. Some are minimum of 6 months, others less.

      When I conducted that search, I found
      Quail Creek (417)708-8069
      Pavillion on Battlefield (417)708-8046 both offered 3 month leasing, and

      Coryell Crossing (855)245-9957
      Palm Village (888)762-4095 both offer 1 month leasing.

      There will be more if you adjust the Range. Images of these places are available by conducting the search I described. You should not have a problem finding a place to rent for just a semester; let us know if there's anything else we can do to help you find one.

      Carly Shene