Hi there I am looking for a one ...

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  • astrid
    2+ weeks old

    Hi there I am looking for a one bedroom apartment for august 19th near SCSU

    • hurryhurry
      2+ weeks old


      August 19th, oh boy! Unfortunately you've cut it VERY close and you may find it extremely difficult to find an apartment under such short notice. That being said, if you're still around, what kind of price range is within your budget? And how close to SCSU should the apartment be?

      There are a fair amount of apartments available in Saint Cloud, MN, ranging from a Tri-Plex for rent (320-257-9000) right across the street from SCSU, to the Riverside Apartments (866-747-5344) near Target and the Amtrak train station, all the way to the Stratford Square apartments (320-656-9324) right by the Waite Park town line.

      Let me know how else I can help you!

    • Emily Berg
      2+ weeks old

      Hello, I am going to be a graduate student in the fall at SCSU. I found a 2 bedroom apartment that I really liked and am looking for one other roommate if you are interested. I am looking for a friendly/quiet/studious/non-party roommate. Rent is 350 (with electric/heat) included. Feel free to contact me emilyberg14@gmail.com. I will be moving in a few days earlier than that. I do not have the place yet would need to fill out the app for that though. Let me know if interested. Thanks.