i am looking for a roommate i can ...

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  • Audrey B Ndanshau
    2+ weeks old

    I am looking for a roommate I can share a two bedroom with a price range between 600-618 dollars/month, that is close to Oakland Community College.

    • Mark145
      2+ weeks old

      My name is Mark. I am looking for an apartment and roommate near OCC Auburn Hills. I was thinking about the Auburn Square Apartments or anything else nearby. Email me at barseghyan.mark@student.oaklandcc.edu. Thank you!

      2+ weeks old

      I'm international student who will be studying at OCC.Please call me at 312 852 1666. Ask Abdy.


    • Malory
      2+ weeks old

      Have you considered a one bedroom for just yourself? Hoping you get some replies to this post.

    • brandon siporin
      2+ weeks old

      i might be interested please give me the details.