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  • Pauline
    2+ weeks old

    My daughter is going to Towson this fall and we just found out she have a criminal record, Theft under $100. We applied for an apartment and was not accepted because of this. What can we do? Please help...

    • KeretsForRents
      2+ weeks old

      Considering the crime is non violent in nature, and an isolated incident (especially if it occurred years ago) it is strange to me that she would be turned down for an apartment on that basis. Theft under $100 is the most petty kind of theft, and only counts as a misdemeanor I believe. I definitely recommend explaining the situation prior to the landlord running a background check, and it may even help to have them meet your daughter on a tour perhaps before sending the application through.

      Even felons find apartments! You could also consider being the co-signer, if you've got good credit and no criminal history. In this situation, probably your best bet is to forgo the apartment communities and complexes, and find a private leaser (I recommend Craigslist) who you can meet personally, and who will likely skip the background check, or not mind the petty theft. Without company guidelines to meet, the private property owners can be the landlords they want to be, and judge everything on a case by case basis.

      So don't give up! Skip spending money and sending in applications to apartment communities, and start contacting private parties who are leasing rooms. I am very optimistic you'll find a place in no time!