Where can I find an affordable 1 bed ...

Boston University ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakWhere can I find an affordable 1 bed with parking?

  • masonkeck
    2+ weeks old

    Where can I find an affordable 1 bed with parking?

    • morningglories
      2+ weeks old

      As a former college student living in Boston, I can say with certainty that public transit is readily available and you may want to reassess the need for a car (especially since in most cases, you will be parking your car along the curb outside your apartment, and not in a driveway or parking garage). Since I don't know your circumstances, I'll assume you DO need one. That being said --- just about all Boston apartments will have on-street parking, if they offer any at all.

      I am not sure what you mean by affordable. Since Boston is an expensive city to live in, I would suggest looking for roommates. In order to have your own one bedroom apartment, be prepared to spend at least $1,000/month, PLUS electricity, and possibly the other utilities as well.

      Please respond with some more information for me so I can help you find an apartment! Do you need to be very close to BU? Do you have a specific area of Boston you'd prefer? What is your budget like?