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  • Qian Dong
    2+ weeks old

    I am a graduate student who will start my study at WKU this fall. I want to find a house near WKU, since I don't have a car. My request is: Any floor plan is applicable to me, as long as I can have my own bedroom. And I hope the rate is around $400 per month. Hope to get your kind help.

    • dammy
      2+ weeks old

      Hello,I am also a graduate student staying at the Campus evolution villages,i would like to sublet my apartment for 365 per month,It a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment so if you are interested pls email me at dammydamilola180@yahoo.com

    • goBigRed
      2+ weeks old

      Hi there! Your best bet to stay on your budget is to find a roommate or several roommates.

      There are some apartments around $400/month, and most popular, is a complex called The Registry. MANY WKU students live at The Registry, since it's so affordable and is within walking distance of campus. Units are furnished, cable is free, every unit has a washer/dryer, and the gym is open 24/7. I definitely recommend calling ASAP to reserve a room since the semester is coming up fast and you don't want to be left homeless! Their number is (877) 635-0388. They have 2 and 4 bedrooms.

      The Columns are another apartment complex within walking distance of WKU, and another popular choice for students. They are 1-3 bedroom with utilities included and free Wi-Fi. Their number is (877) 317-8790. Again, since these apartments are so close to campus, you'll want to make plans ASAP to make sure you have time to find a room.

      The Olde Towne Apartments (877-685-0248) and Westwood (270-782-8282) are some other nearby options, though not as close as The Registry and The Columns, which are my recommendations.

      I recommend using either Craigslist or a Facebook page/group for your class or college to find a roommate quickly. Remember to act quickly!

    • Cinda
      2+ weeks old

      Hi, I am subleasing my room at the Registry. The contract ends on 7/2015. It's four bedroom apartment and you will have your own room with walk-in closet and bathroom. The rent is $385 and I am willing to give you the last two months rent free since I already paid for it. If you're still looking and interested, please email me at funnymouse1001@yahoo.com.