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  • teresa g
    2+ weeks old

    Where is the closest apartment to U of L? Needs to be within walking distance.

    • Carah Jaxson
      2+ weeks old


      Obviously, on-campus living means apartment residences probably as close as you can get to your classes. For off-campus living, there are still apartments within walking distance though.

      The University Park Apartments at 2207 James Pirtle Court are about a 15-20 min walk from the U of L and can be reached at (866) 346-6131. A one-bedroom starts at $545/month.

      The Reynolds Lofts, 502.472.6867, if you've got the cash, run about $950/month for a one-bedroom condo, and are less than ten minutes by foot from campus.

      The Cardinal Village apartments, 502-635-2570, begin at $605/month for a one-bedroom, and a less than ten minute walk from campus.

      The Province - Louisville have some of the best deals if you're willing to have roommates. For just $580/month, you can be one of those in a four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment with many amenities. For $930/month, you can get a one-bedroom other. The Province apartments are about a ten-minute walk to campus.

      You may also want to check out The Bellamy student apartments, 502-634-5996, and the Station House apartments, 502-636-1739, both within walking distance.