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  • devoted dad
    2+ weeks old

    My daughter is looking to rent a place close to the University of Kentucky and/or downtown Lexington. She only needs a 6 month lease......can anyone help?

    • afuhrm25
      2+ weeks old

      I can help if you are still in need of an apartment. I am also a student at the University of Kentucky, and will be studying abroad during the whole spring semester of 2015 (this coming semester), and I am looking for someone to sublease my apartment to. Is this the time frame you are looking for as well?

    • Tom.Baker
      2+ weeks old

      Unfortunately this site does not specialize in actually finding apartments for people, but I can tell you how to find what you're looking for. Go to the listings page and either type in University of Kentucky or Lexington and then adjust the search options to find apartments that match what you want the apartment to have. I would suggest adjusting the price range, number of bedrooms, and range of your search first. If you come up with a good amount of options, click on the advanced search options to further narrow down your search based on the amenities that you would like the apartment to have. Hopefully this helps.

    • Barbara Glass
      2+ weeks old

      I might be able to help you if you are still in need of a apartment. My daughter lease a place for school year Aug 2014-July 2015. It is walking distance. It call The Collegiate, it is a 4 bedroom 4 bathroom, kitchen, living room, pool side, gated, parking and more. My daughter decided to move back home and go to a college close to home. So I have been paying each month rent for apartment that she is not using. The other 3 bedrooms are good friends with Andrea and very good girls. So if you are interested feel free to contact me at 270-670-9670 my name is Barbara. The rent cost me 577.95 a month. Nov. rent done paid just would have Dec thru July lease.Thank You.