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  • bella26piano
    2+ weeks old

    I have very specific requirements, but I am afraid I will not be able to find the place I am looking for by just searching for apartments online like this. I would like a 1 bedroom apartment, that allows caged pets, and has reliable air conditioning (it is crucial that the temperature stays below 72 Fahrenheit for the pets). I would prefer that it is within a 20 minute walking distance from the Illini Union, in case the buses don't come on time.

    • Clarice
      2+ weeks old

      What types of pets do you have exactly? I have a feeling quite a few places are going to allow caged pets(reptiles? rodents?). You are going to want to take advantage of the advanced search features offered here. When you land on the UIUC Off Campus apartments page, look for the "show advanced options" link/button. Once you access this feature, you have the ability to choose options such as "allows pets", search radius, apartment size and the all important amenity, "air conditioning". Now, I need you to keep in mind, these listings are only as accurate as the data that is provided to MyApartmentMap, so while a place might not list "air conditioning" being available, it is quite possible, it is available. I would make yourself a list and then contact the places that interest you and call or physically visit the places you find suitable.