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  • Ritu
    2+ weeks old

    Hello, I'm a prospective graduate student and will be attending NIU from Fall 2012. I have been searching for an apartment near the university and also a roomate. I hope you could help me. Thanx.

    • Stanley9
      2+ weeks old

      The site does not have any way to help you find a roommate unless someone comments on here and says they are looking for a roommate as well. To find an apartment near NIU, just type Northern Illinois University into the search engine and apartments in the area will show up. There are a number of affordable apartments in the area and you can refine your search to find the closest possible apartments to the campus. You can also click on the "map" tab and look for apartments on the map if you are looking for a certain location that is near the campus. If you are just trying to find a roommate to save money, there are many single bedroom apartments in the area that have very low rent and may even be more affordable than a two bedroom apartment with a roommate.

    • Julio Crisostomo
      2+ weeks old

      You are in luck, I am looking to share a studio near NIU. If you are interested please contact me at julio8a@ymail.com