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  • Cindymom
    2+ weeks old

    Young professional looking for a safe, nice apartment in a good neighborhood. Any thoughts of where to look?

    • NevaehRheinmuth
      2+ weeks old

      Since you posted this under Millikin and not Decatur, I'm going to take a wild guess and say you are either a student or staff/professor at MU, and would like a 1 bedroom in close range of the school. I found a few listings for 1 bedroom apartments in Decatur that you may be interested in:

      The Oakwood Estates have 1 bedrooms for $535/month (with some utilities included), and its about 10 minutes north of Millikin. Their phone number is 866-395-2383.

      The Timber Cove Apartments, also about 10 minutes from Millikin, have 1 bedrooms starting at $475/month (may include heat&air). Their phone number is (877) 452-1148.

      The Moundford Terrace Apartments are 15 minutes away from Millikin. One bedrooms are about $460/month and their contact number is (217) 619-9011.

      The Woodcrest Apartments are another you may be interested in, also about 15 min away. One bedrooms begin at $475/month. Call them at (877) 410-1175.

      All of these four apartment communities seem to be located in safe neighborhoods, away from downtown and crime areas. Hopefully you like one of these enough to go check out!