Hi, Please let me know availbility, I ...

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  • Anabel
    2+ weeks old

    Hi, Please let me know availability, I want to move in the end of June. I have small dog, is that OK?
    I want to get 2 bedrooms, please send me e-mail ASAP.

    • B&GH
      2+ weeks old

      Here is the link for two bedroom apartments that allow small dogs and located in the University of Iowa area: http://www.myapartmentmap.com/list/colleges/ia/...
      If you want to change your search options, just tweak them in the top bar of the listings page until you find what you want. If the apartment is listed, it is available, so contact the realtor when you find an apartment you like. If you would like to be very close to campus, just refine your search by range or look at the apartment map to see where the apartments are, relative to campus.