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  • Iman
    2+ weeks old

    I need one bedroom apartment this January near College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Political Science Department, preferably furnished .

    • Terry Boloney
      2+ weeks old

      Hello Iman,

      Unfortunately, there are no furnished apartments available in this area currently. There are plenty of apartments surrounding ISU though, and close to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I have made a list of some options for you, of all the complexes available that are less than 2 miles away.

      The closest option, and possibly more convenient is a sublet. This would put you with a female roommate. While it is not listed as furnished, I would assume most furniture will be left, as it is a sublet for the semester. You must look this listing up on our site, as the contact is through messaging and a personal email address is not provided. It is at 246 North Hyland Ave., 0.6 miles from Lib Arts and Sciences.

      Other options include apartment complexes:

      -Gateway Hills: 1300-1400 Gateway Hills Park Road, 1.5 mi. 1-877-861-1035. $475/mo.
      -Delores: 209 South Oak Avenue, 1.5 mi. 1-877-861-1035. $430/mo.
      -Windsor Pointe: 3815 Tripp Street , 1.6 mi. 1-877-312-3479. $575/mo.
      -Westbrook Terrace: 4300 Westbrook Drive, 1.7 mi. 1-877-821-6628. $545/mo.
      -Hickory Ridge: 4301 Lincoln Swing, 1.8 mi. 1-866-525-0173. $650/mo.
      -Duplex @ 4106 Aplin Road, 1.9 mi. (515) 262-3309. $650/mo.

      There are other options further than two miles, but I figured these would be a good start. To give you an idea of what the mileage means, 1.5 miles typically takes 30 minutes to walk, 10 minutes to bike, and 5 minutes by car. There is public transportation available in the area as well.
      All of these properties can be seen by searching Iowa State University, adjusting the Range slide bar to within city, and adjusting the Bedrooms to 1. About 20 options become available.

      If none of these will do, feel free to write back and we'll continue to help you narrow your search. If you do, please include the complex names you've already eliminated so time is not wasted looking into them again. Hopefully one will work, and that won't be necessary.

      Good luck!
      Terry Boloney

    • jwraney16988
      2+ weeks old

      I am subletting my room for Spring semester (starting in January), at 300 Stanton Ave. It is a 0.7 mile walk to Catt Hall (College of Lib Arts), and located in the Campustown area next to a lot of resources.

      Unfortunately, it isn't a one-bedroom, it is a three-bedroom but my two roommates are very cool, they don't spend a lot of time around the apartment so you'll have plenty of privacy.

      Let me know if you're interested, my email is jwraney@iastate.edu

      • jwraney16988
        2+ weeks old

        Rent is $555 with a parking spot included.