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  • fulyaokutur
    2+ weeks old

    I am looking for an apartment to stay in when I come to visit my son at USF. So, the closer the better. Furnished, clean and safe.


    • Carly Shene
      2+ weeks old

      Hi there,

      There are several complexes offering furnished places with short term leasing, including weekly prices. As many of them are both booked in advance and contacted by email, my suggestion for you is to conduct your search with modifiers to narrow your options.

      If you search University of South Florida in the My Apartment Map search bar, you can then click 'show advanced options'. This will allow you to click 'Furnished' and 'Short Term' to see which offer both. The Range slide bar at the top allows you to limit how far out your results are brought from. If you bring it in to 0 miles, you will see what is immediately closest. Move it to 5 miles, 10, and 15 or more if you choose, and you will see more options, price ranges, and areas.
      Many of the places you see will have a 'Contact Now' button once you click the title. Here you can email the property manager, and in the calendar tab you can view dates the places are already taken, and how they match up to the dates you'll be there.

      After you have conducted your search, if you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask.

      Good luck!

      Carly Shene