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  • paul.kinsey93
    2+ weeks old

    I'm looking for an apartment. I'm currently unemployed and will have to use my disability check and financial aid money to pay for rent. I have a maximum of 750 a month for 1 bedroom 1 bath

    • Elliott J
      2+ weeks old


      Since you are unemployed and a student at Broward, I am curious why you would prefer to live off-campus, and worried that you will not be able to use financial aid money toward not living on campus? If you're sure you want to live in housing not affiliated with Broward, then I will try to help. I'm also not sure if you are including utilities in that $750 or not, or how close you need to be to campus.

      In any case, Fort Lauderdale fortunately has some options in your price range, though none in your price range are part of apartment complexes, and are all privately rented out, as far as I can tell.

      For $700/month, at #749 3rd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, you can rent a 1-bedroom. You can call Ms Migliori at (786) 975-4609 to discuss this property.

      Another 1-bedroom option, for $650/month, is at #1038 Nw 3rd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale. You can call Mr Kivilevic at (954) 665-8109 to inquire.

      A third option is the same as the one above, a 1-bedroom for $650/month, except it is at #1 Nw 29th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale. You can reach Ms Gonzalez at (305) 333-1680 to see if it is still available.

      I really hope you like one of these properties or that one of these agents can help you find the right apartment for you!

      • paul.kinsey93
        2+ weeks old

        Thanks and the reason is because browards south campus does not have on campus living so that leaves me with one choice and thats to find somewhere thats affordable and also has the proper efficiencies