A studio for 6 months lease?

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  • shaw
    2+ weeks old

    I require a studio for 6 months lease from 12 Jan to Jun 2013. I am studying in UCLA on the exchange program

    • LeilaB
      2+ weeks old

      Hello! Locating apartments that allow you to have a lease as short as 6 months can be difficult, as well as expensive.

      I am not sure what your budget is, but with any student seeking accommodations while attending school, I recommend that you first look into the housing available on-campus first, look into having roommates to split the rent with second, and if neither of those options suit you, it will be more expensive but you can certainly live alone off-campus if you choose.

      In LA, a studio with a short-term lease will cost at least $2000/month. If you're willing to live further away, in North Hollywood or Inglewood, there are studios for around $1000/month.

      Again, as a former college student who has lived both on- and off-campus, I really do recommend finding roommates to share the cost of rent.