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  • William
    2+ weeks old

    Is there anyone interested in sharing a three bedroom apartment at Northridge? Rent is 783.33 a month. This apartment is very close to Diablo Valley College. I'm only considering college students so please don't contact me unless you are in college.

    • Hortense
      2+ weeks old

      Hi !
      i'm really interested by this appartment , if teh room still available , i'm going back to DVC in october

    • alireza
      2+ weeks old

      im interested if its still available

    • matt z
      2+ weeks old

      Hi - Is the room still available? I'm a student at DVC (culinary arts) and work at In 'N' Out Burger - please let me know ASAP.

    • Arqum
      2+ weeks old


      Good day!

      I'm an international full-time male engineering student studying at DVC. I'm 21. I'm majoring in Engineering and I have classes from Monday- Thursday. I'm planning to work on campus too hopefully. I am really chill and down to earth and can get along with anyone really quickly and nicely. I don't have a car so I'll be walking to dvc everyday. I'm easy to get along with and I can clean whenever I'm asked to. I'll try to keep everything clean and in the best possible way :) I go to 24 hour fitness everyday though.

      I would like you to please give me some details of the place and please let me know when I can come see it. And is it possible to get it furnished? Who will I be sharing the place with? Please let me know by replying here asap.


      Best Regards,