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  • paulio
    2+ weeks old

    Sharing an apartment. Considering doing this in Charleston. Times be rough. I got an extra bedroom in my apartment right now that is more or less empty. Would anyone looking for a place to rent in Charleston be interested in splitting my rent? Here is the relevant information:
    33 year old male looking to share the rent on a 2 bedroom apartment. Your share would be 335 a month. If you want cable, you will need to order it yourself as I don't watch TV. All other utilities are included. I am near the Yeager Airport.
    If this interests you, please write back to me here, I will check back nightly.

    • Student.4
      2+ weeks old

      Hey man, definitely interested. I'm a 26 year old male and taking classes at a nearby University. I will most likely only be at the apartment at night and will be studying most of the time. Are you loud? I can't study when it's loud so I was going to get my own place, but if you're quiet at night than this is better. Also, would you be interested in going 50-50 on groceries? I can cook and would be willing to cook a few nights a week. Also, I have a 9 year old son (yes, 9) and he stays with me on Sunday nights. Would it be okay if he stayed on Sundays? I would sleep in a cot in my room and he would sleep in my bed, so it wouldn't be causing you any trouble. Let me know.