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  • Chris
    2+ weeks old

    Have you have any users looking for a short term lease on this site recently? I am traveling for busines for 3 months and need to rent out my apartment. I leave in two weeks so I need to find someone fast. Rent is $550 for one bedroom has own washer and dryer, private parking and stainless steel appliances. Can you send any information if you know people looking.

    • Lori Yahr
      2+ weeks old

      We are looking for a place starting in June for 6 months. Please let me know if it still available. My husband and I, no pets. Thanks.

    • joe24
      2+ weeks old

      Where in west bend is this located? I am working in west bend til early spring and then moving to oak creek. This is something I would definately look forward to doing as i am looking for a short term area. Email me if its not to late joeschwabe@yahoo.com

    • Lin00
      2+ weeks old

      do you allow dogs? I am a traveling nurse doing a 13 week contract at the local hospital in West Bend. Let me know if this is a possibility.