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  • salemwigui
    2+ weeks old

    Communiting to and from.. My apartment is in Salem, so I plan on staying here. Milkwaukee or Chicago, IL from Salem, WI. Which would you rather do? I am looking for work and while I am not hell bent on one or the other,Thoughts? Suggestions? Tips or Advice?

    • Seth Stapp
      2+ weeks old

      Honestly, I'm not sure I would commute to either places. The commutes are 51 min (Mil) and 80 min (Chi) without traffic, and with traffic it could add 15-30 minutes. Unless you want to take public transportation like Amtrak or a rail, I don't see how it could be worth it. I would really advise looking for jobs in both cities and then renting closer to one or the other. However, if you're set on staying in Salem, I would choose Milwaukee, as it's closer.