Should I stay away from farms?

Fall Creek, WI ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakShould I stay away from farms?

  • PopRocks80
    2+ weeks old

    Should I stay away from farms? I noticed during my apartment search in fall Creek that there are a lot of farms. Does anyone know if the smell from the cows and stuff travel far? Just wondering how far away from the farms I should look. I'm looking for an apartment with some outdoor space such as a deck. I don't want the wind to blow the smell to my apartment. Thank you

    • peeeuwwww
      2+ weeks old

      If the wind is right, you will definitely smell the manure and other farm scents. However, you get used to the smell. You can definitely look further away from the farms and you may be able to find more land if you are further. I would visit the places if you can and see if you can smell the manure or the farm.