Foster High School good?

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  • KalyleesMom
    2+ weeks old

    Foster High School good? I just moved to Tukwila because I took at job at Highline Medical Center. I have a teenage daughter who is devastated that we are leaving her friends. Does anyone know if Foster High School is a good school?

    • R.Baker3
      2+ weeks old

      Although Foster High School isn't the best school based on test scores, it has been rated the most diverse school in the country by the New York Times. My son currently goes here and I am very envious of him. I truly wish that I went to a school like this one. The amount you can learn being in a setting with this many cultures and languages is truly amazing! I think that learning about these different cultures and languages and being with students from all over the world is way more valuable than actually learning in the classroom. The things my son learns at this school in the hallway and with talking with friends is much more important than anything he would learn in any classroom. Definitely send your daughter here.