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  • airbourne
    2+ weeks old

    Hi there, we're moving to the Renton area from out of state and were hoping to have a little help with finding an apartment building that would allow our lab/shepherd mix. Any suggestions?

    • labradoodle91
      2+ weeks old

      Hi there,

      Many apartments that are pet-friendly may still have restrictions against "bully breeds." Fortunately, very few people consider German Shepherds a bully breed. And everyone knows labs are very friendly! The only hurdle may be that pet-friendly apartments permit small dogs and not larger dogs.

      You haven't specified your price range, so I've included some on both ends of the spectrum. Here are some Renton, WA options that are pet-friendly, and will most likely see no issue with your pet!

      The Windsor openly allows just about all dogs and cats, and asks around $900 for a 1 bedroom. Their number is (888)303-4834.

      The WoodCliffe Apartment Homes specify they do allow large dogs. A 1 bedroom goes for about $900/month. Their number is (888)234-7960.

      The Reserve at The Landing allows dogs. A 1 bedroom starts around $1,100/month. Their number is (888)335-2924.

      The Brighton Ridge Apartments allow dogs of just about any breed, excluding some bully breeds. A quick link is here, or they can be reached at (425) 440-3069.

      Let me know if you need a few more!