Looking to rent/lease a 2bdrm - 1-1/2 ...

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  • flyingbluedumbo06
    2+ weeks old

    I am looking to rent/lease a 2bdrm - 1-1/2 Bath, townhouse. I need to know if there is anything available within city limits, or up to 10 miles outside of town.

    Can you help?

    • jxm2111
      2+ weeks old

      For two bedrooms, the closest thing I can find in Port Angeles is a 2nd floor apartment for rent for $661/month w utilities included. The ad says to call Tim at 360-504-2668.

      There are many more three bedroom options for renting a townhouse in Port Angeles. One listing I see for a 3 Bed 2 Bathroom townhouse with a garage and hardwood floor goes for $1200/month (206-235-1354). Another 3 bed 2 bathroom townhouse I see goes for $1300/month, and has a 3car garage and a washer/dryer (360-421-2457). There are at least 3 other townhouses for rent, all 3 bedroom/2bathroom, all in Port Angeles, for less than $1300/month. If you want to see how I found these, here is a link to MyApartmentMap where I used the search features. hopefully this helps you :)