Refusal of Landlord: Won't Make Repairs

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  • vinnyfromva
    2+ weeks old

    Refusal of Landlord: Won't Make Repairs. Currently landlord is refusing to make repairs that I feel are necessary. For example, the heating unit smokes on start up. I feel like this is not an unreasonable request, but he feels that since it works, it's not an issue. How can I get him to see things my way and do I have any recourse? There's gotta be laws against this crap?

    • Huggie60
      2+ weeks old

      There definitely are laws against it, and you're not in the wrong if you report it. In fact, you are strongly advised to do so. You need to visit the Building Inspection office in Vienna and they will inspect your apartment. If they think that you have a case and something is broken or dangerous, they will write a citation to your landlord. Usually there's a policy that they have 30 days to fix it. So definitely contact Building Inspection. Good luck.