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  • lakemlover
    2+ weeks old

    Back from visiting Lake Monticello. What's the rental situation here? Oh man, what a gorgeous area. My uncle lives just outside of Lake M and I had the chance to visit a few times. Do you think I could find an apartment near the lake itself? I am just exploring my options for now, but would love to know people's thoughts.

    • sunsetter
      2+ weeks old

      It's definitely possible to find an apartment by the lake. I just looked, out of interest, and found a bunch of apartments that look like they are directly on the lake and a bunch more that are within walking distance. If you go to the map setting you can see where they are. I just rented an apartment on Lake Anna (to the east) and absolutely love it. It's obviously a little more pricey than living further away from the lake, but it's an amazing place to live and it's so close to Charlottesville! Definitely a perfect location.