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  • utilquestion
    2+ weeks old

    Setting up utlities at new apartment in Herndon. I need to setup my utilities @ my place I will be moving to in Herndon on the first of the month. It seems like I have a few options. Both Cox and Verizon offer bundled services, but I am unfamiliar with both of them. I come from a city where Comcast is my only option. So, which to use? Cox or Verizon?

    • xijun.seechen
      2+ weeks old

      Verizon. I don't know what cox is, but I have verizon now and it's great, fast, and affordable. Sometimes they can be annoying and try to raise the price on you, but you just have to call and threaten that you'll least that works for me...not sure if it will work for you. I would ask someone about Cox in the area and see what they say, for all know it's better than verizon and cheaper and faster. Oh well.