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  • RichardY
    2+ weeks old

    Crescent Falls Church. I looked at an apartment at Crescent Falls Church.. It was really really nice, but it's also really expensive. Has anyone ever lived there? Is it worth the money?

    • suburbia
      2+ weeks old

      If you can afford it I would get it, especially if you loved the apartment. I lived here for a few years and absolutely loved it. The town is the perfect size and the people are extremely friendly. It is also a very beautiful little town, especially in the fall when the leaves change color. I also loved having easy access to Arlington and DC--it was always nice to be able to go into the city for a nice dinner or just to enjoy the citylife, but still be able to go back to your quiet home when your ready. Anyways, I would definitely suggest the area, even if you don't end up getting this apartment. It's a perfect mix of suburban and urban living.