Basketball at Dunn Loring Park

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  • Bball4sure
    2+ weeks old

    Basketball at Dunn Loring Park. lookin to get out of the apartment and play some B-Ball. anyone know if Dunn Loring Park has basketball courts? do they have pick up games?

    • shootinthrees
      2+ weeks old

      Yes, Dunn Loring has a basketball court. As for pick-up games, I don't know if there is a schedule time for that, but I know I've met up with friends there before and played. One time there was another group of three guys and we played against them, but we didn't plan on meeting up. If you went and saw some people there I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you played with them. Most people there are really friendly and the people on the court aren't very serious, they're just looking for somewhere to goof around. I met a great guy there a few months ago and we've been good friends ever since. We shoot around a lot and it's always a good time. I know that if we saw someone else there we would be glad to let them join in.