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Arlington, VA ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakDo people who work in DC live in Arlington?

  • dcbound
    2+ weeks old

    Do people who work in DC live in Arlington? Finding an apartment in DC is almost impossible apparently. Arlington has popped up a few times as an option and I am thinking of looking here. Do any of you Arlington residents make  the trip daily? How is the commute? Any tips?

    • istheoceanblue?
      2+ weeks old

      Arlington is right next to DC. People that commute take the orange line, which is only a ten minute ride to the center of DC. You should probably do some more research about where you're moving considering this is a very simple question which leads me to believe you know very little about the area.

    • Dear DCBound, many people work in DC and live in Arlington! Depending on where it is in Arlington, say Rosslyn, you can walk across the Key Bridge and be in DC. the Orange, Blue and Yellow lines serve Arlington. You can live in Arlington and be in DC in 5-10 minutes! There is also great bus service to the Pentagon where you can pick up the Blue or Yellow line on Metro. Contact me: 703-965-9543 (text) if you need help. -Susan