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  • breakdowncity
    2+ weeks old

    Residents of Annandale, How are the Mental Health Services? I need a city with good mental health services. I plan on moving to VA and have been looking at rental complexes in Annandale in particular. What's available in the city?

    • Gizmo
      2+ weeks old

      The Fairfax Hospital offers a number of services, but I am not well acquainted with them so I did a little research since I was interested myself. Rather than just tell you everything I found I have copied and pasted the information from the website here. I did this a while ago and clicked out of the browser (stupid me) and don't have the link, but I'm sure you could search any of the things referenced in the article and find the information that you are looking for. Here's the stuff that would be helpful to you with phone numbers:

      Social Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, (698-1655),
      Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute, 3302 Gallows Road, Annandale, (207-7100)
      Alternative House, (356-6360)
      Crisislink Hotline, (527-4077)
      Merrifield Industries, operated by Fairfax Opportunities Unlimited, (321-8898)
      Pathway Homes, Inc., (876-0390)