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  • alex_an_dria
    2+ weeks old

    Is this correct? Avg Rent for a 3 Bedroom Apartment is 2233. According to this site, the rental trends say the avg. rent is currently $2233 for a 3 bedroom apt. Is this true? I am not sure I can afford that. Anyone know if I can find something cheaper in Alexandria? Pretty Please:)

    • Jiffy Jane
      2+ weeks old

      I'm looking at the average right now and it's dropped to $2190. But that's not much cheaper, is it? I'm sure I can find something cheaper... yup! I just did a search (adjusting the price range) and found a lot of three bedrooms under $2000. Some were even as cheap as $1,625. Here's a link so you can check out the properties for yourself and hopefully find one you like:

    • You can find a three bedroom rental in Alexandria for less. I just took a quick look and the average of currently available 3-bedrooms in Alexandria City is $2650. The range is fromo $1560 to $4,670. It also depends on what other amenities you are looking for....and if you have pets. If you go to the Fairfax County part of Alexandria (outside the Beltway) you'll get a little more for your money. Text me: 703-965-9543, if I can help! -Susan