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  • caroline6
    2+ weeks old

    Apartment listings in salt lake city close to hospitals. I'm making a drastic change and moving to salt lake city! I'm a nurse and looking for a job at one of the hospitals in the city. Do you have a list of the top hospitals in the city and rental listings close to those hospitals? also i'm a ski bunny, how close are you to the mountains?

    • RN9086
      2+ weeks old

      Not sure about the top hospitals (I would ask the people you work with now) but to find something that is close to a hospital just look at the map setting on the website. You will be able to see the hospitals and then see where the apartments are in relationship to that. There is a ton of great skiing within an hour of the city and many places that are just a little over 30 minutes so you should definitely be able to get the slopes pretty easy.