Trees about to fall on my apartment

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  • renterintemple
    2+ weeks old

    Trees about to fall on my apartment. Who the heck do I call? My landlord is dragging his feet and to be honest, this tree seems like a city tree. It seems to be city land it's on. I would like them to come and take care of it before it falls and caves my roof in.

    • cutitdown!
      2+ weeks old

      Good call. I put a link above for some more info. This is ridiculous of your landlord, does he want people to get hurt? If it's as bad as I'm picturing it I see a tree falling through someones roof anytime now. I know a kid who woke up in the middle of the night to a tree in his room--it went through the roof and landed next to his bed. He could've died! The last thing we want is tat happening to you!