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  • CherBearee
    2+ weeks old

    I am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment/house for rent max at 1000. In addition we will need a pet friendly place. I am guessing all houses and apartments have AC, but do most of the apartments include utilities or no? Thanks for the help! --Cherie

    • Darren.mWalken
      2+ weeks old


      I did some looking around, and I found a few 2 bedroom apartments in Midland for that you may be interested in!

      The Windsor Place Apartments have 2 bedrooms for $1000/month. Extended basic cable is free, and 1 pet is allowed. I am not certain about what utilities may be included, or whether there is A/C provided here or not. Their number is (877) 386-9767 if you'd like to call and ask!

      At Hunters Glen, 2 bedrooms begin at $732/month. 2 pets are allowed. Again, I am not sure about utilities or a/c. Check availability at (877) 825-7107 or give them a call at (877) 633-9114.

      At the Stone Creek Apartments, 2 bedrooms begin at $800/month. 1 pet is allowed. Like the others, they haven't listed whether utilities or a/c are included. (877) 297-4440

      Lastly, the Newport Apartments are where 2 bedrooms start at $735/month, and pets are allowed. (877) 389-7569.

      If you ever wanted to consider living in Odessa, the Trestles Condominiums have 2 bedrooms starting at $825, allow pets, and cable is paid. There are also the Country Crest Townhomes & Apartments in Odessa, where a 2 bedroom starts at . Units have fireplaces, and individually controlled heat & air. Their number is (877) 228-8819.

      I hope that these give you someplace to start from, and I wish you good luck on your search for a new home!