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  • breanna.robidoux
    2+ weeks old

    Are there any apartments in Midland that allow 3 dogs? We don't have any of the restricted breeds.

    • shnydes789
      2+ weeks old

      There are currently no apartments within 30 miles of Midland that allow large dogs, but if you only have small dogs, then it should not be a problem. for the exact number of dogs you can have, contact the realtor. Many apartments have policies about the number of pets and may state these in their description and if an extra fee would be applied. If you have large dogs, you will need to expand your search. The closest city I found that has apartments within 15 miles that allows large dogs is Lubbock, which is NE of Midland. Lubbock and the surrounding areas have several apartments of varying sizes that should allow you to find a place for you and your dogs. You can look at the apartments on the map setting if you want to try to find the one that is closest to Midland.
      Hopefully you find something soon!