Central Air at Harbour Bay Apartments?

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  • coolHarrion
    2+ weeks old

    Central Air at Harbour Bay Apartments? I have to have Central Air. Does anyone know if Harbour Bay Apartments has central air? And I'm not talking about an AC unit in the window!

    • snaps5
      2+ weeks old

      I'm not seeing Harbour Bay Apartments listed on the site right now. I'm looking the area as well and wanted to look at the apartments since you mentioned them but I don't see them anywhere. However, the best way to know if an apartment has central air is to read the description or see if there is a list of amenities that come with the apartment. Central air is usually at the top of the list since it is something that people look for. If the description doesn't say anything about the central air, then call the landlord or property manager and they will be able to tell you.