Im looking for an section 8 ...

Houston, TX ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakIm looking for an section 8 apartment, I need help!

  • tella
    2+ weeks old

    Im looking for an section 8 apartment, I need help!

    • GoTexans97
      2+ weeks old


      There are a few Section 8 apartments available in Houston. Here are a couple for example, hopefully this helps!

      The Redford apartments in the Pasadina area take Section 8, and 1-bedroom is between $399-512, but other bedroom sizes are available too. These apartments come with heat, a dishwasher, and other amenities. They can be reached at (877) 836-4418.

      Section 8 is also welcome at 7923 Glenscott, in the Southeast area of Houston. This is a 4-bedroom home which is all recently remodeled on the interior. It is listed as $1250/month. Click this link to contact them!

    • We help a ton of people in the section 8 people Tella. I'll get one of our Leasing Manager to personally help you. They'll pull floor plans and photos of available places based on what you're looking for. Then customize it and send it to you... kind of a "human app." Then after they're done they can help you save on movers, your monthly electric bill and much, much more. Plus they'll get you a cash rebate back for up to $200 depending on where you choose. All for free! Email me td at apartmentboy dot com!