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  • CAH
    2+ weeks old

    I am relocating to Houston for work for 4 months (mid March - mid July). I am looking for a place close to the Medical Center but don't know Houston, the area, etc. I need a furnished place, preferably an all inclusive deal (utilities, etc included). What's the easiest way to find the place I am looking for when I am not local to scout in person?

    • BittyB
      2+ weeks old

      On the website, under MyApartmentMap's advanced option link, you can sort listings by furnished apartments by ticking the little button to do so. Then you can click the map tab to search for listings near the Medical Center. Hope that helps!

    • We help a ton of people in the Medical Center area CAH. I'll get one of our Leasing Manager to personally help you. They'll pull floor plans and photos of available places based on what you're looking for. Then customize it and send it to you... kind of a "human app." Then after they're done they can help you save on movers, your monthly electric bill and much, much more. Plus they'll get you a cash rebate back for up to $200 depending on where you choose. All for free! Email me td at apartmentboy dot com!