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  • NewTexan
    2+ weeks old

    Houston'ers, I have a rental question. It appears as though Houston is broken up into about 40 neighborhoods, the listings on this site designate what neighborhood the apartment is in. Being new to the area, I am not sure which neighborhoods are deemed safe/clean and which to avoid. Your help on this matter will not go unnoticed. Thank you.

    • Hello NewTexan,
      I would love to help you with your search. are there any areas that you have found that you would be interested in yet? Also, are you looking for something that will be in proximity to something else, like your job?

    • We helped over 100,000 people last year NewTexan. SO first of all, Welcome!! Where yo from?? Houston is a collection of 50 cities and 1000 neighborhoods. It is huge stretching 90 miles north to south and 70 miles east to west. It is surprisingly easy to get around but the one thing you avoid in Houston is traffic. Morning and evening traffic can easily turn a 45 minute commute into 90 minutes... each way. Safe is a relative term and since Houston does not have zoning, you can and usually do find a good block next to a not so good block. But this is Texas. Most of us are armed and ready and the number one thing criminals fear, according to all research is an armed citizen. Because they can't predict where it will be... I'll get one of our Leasing Manager to personally help you. They'll pull floor plans and photos of available places based on what you're looking for. Then customize it and send it to you... kind of a "human app." Then after they're done they can help you save on movers, your monthly electric bill and much, much more. Plus they'll get you a cash rebate back for up to $200 depending on where you choose. All for free! Email me td at apartmentboy dot com!