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  • Precious
    2+ weeks old


    I am seeking a one-bedroom apt for my mother who will relocate to Houston this summer. I currently live in West Houston. Are there any apartment complexes in that area suitable for elderly single women? Security is key.
    Thanks, Jacquelyn

    • Ashlyn Perrault
      2+ weeks old

      I understand your concern for safety; a lot of the reviews I've read about apartments in the Houston area complain about gates not working, alarm system's malfunctioning, and security being a joke.

      The one with the best safety reviews I can find is the Fairmont Museum District, though it is on the pricy side, ranging from $1350-$1750/month for a one-bedroom. Their number is (877) 409-5936.

      Another complex rated very safe are the Villas at River Oaks, where a one-bedroom is $1300-$1450/month. Their number is (832) 260-0908.

      The Inverness Apartments are a third option. A one-bedroom is between $1200-$1450/month. Their number is (773) 756-5141.

      Good luck!

    • We help a ton of people in the West Houston area Precious. I went through the same thing with my mom a few years back and my father in law as well, so I understand. We'll pull a Seniors Only Report for the area. I'll get one of our Leasing Manager to personally help you. They'll pull floor plans and photos of available places based on what you're looking for. Then customize it and send it to you... kind of a "human app." Then after they're done they can help you save on movers, your monthly electric bill and much, much more. Plus they'll get you a cash rebate back for up to $200 depending on where you choose. All for free! Email me td at apartmentboy dot com!