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  • Precious
    2+ weeks old


    I am seeking a one-bedroom apt for my mother who will relocate to Houston this summer. I currently live in West Houston. Are there any apartment complexes in that area suitable for elderly single women? Security is key.
    Thanks, Jacquelyn

    • Ashlyn Perrault
      2+ weeks old

      I understand your concern for safety; a lot of the reviews I've read about apartments in the Houston area complain about gates not working, alarm system's malfunctioning, and security being a joke.

      The one with the best safety reviews I can find is the Fairmont Museum District, though it is on the pricy side, ranging from $1350-$1750/month for a one-bedroom. Their number is (877) 409-5936.

      Another complex rated very safe are the Villas at River Oaks, where a one-bedroom is $1300-$1450/month. Their number is (832) 260-0908.

      The Inverness Apartments are a third option. A one-bedroom is between $1200-$1450/month. Their number is (773) 756-5141.

      Good luck!